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The BeyHive Thinks Beyoncé's Performance Upstaged The Rest Of The VMAs And Possibly, Life

We just might have to rename the VMAs in honor of the Carter family.

Well, I knew it was going to be incredible when Beyoncé was honored at the VMAs with a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, but nothing, absolutely nothing could've prepared me for tonight.

Even before she took the stage, fans were freaking out waiting for her to finally perform.

In order to keep up her own personal track record of exceeding any and all expectations that we even try to set for her, Bey performed a medley of songs from last year's surprise album, BEYONCÉ. She clearly woke up with one goal: slay the VMAs.

But there are medleys, and then there are MEDLEYS. Beginning with the possessive relationship anthem "Mine" and hitting every single track off the record in some form, King B flawlessly flitted through as many dance and aesthetic styles from her visual album that she could work into the time allotted for her. Everyone lost it, the BeyHive was obsessed.

Her signature couch dancing move was included, the stripper pole moments, the rainbow neon sexiness of "Blow"—it was all there. Oh, then there was that moment when she was standing onstage alone with the word "feminist" emblazoned in caps lock behind her. That's how you send a message, people.

Throughout the performance, it was almost possible to tear my eyes away from Bey to watch Blue Ivy and Jay Z in the audience, basking in the glow of their favorite superstar. Yes, that's Blue doing those "Flawless" hands to utter perfection. Yes, Blue Ivy basically won the VMAs simply by existing in her perfect gold dress and serving up major attitude before she even knows what a side eye is.

But everyone, and I mean everyone lost it when it was Jay and Blue who took the stage to give Beyonce the award. It even seemed to surprise Bey, who normally has her emotions totally under control in public. She was visibly crying and reacted so emotionally, calling Jay Z her "beloved" and exiting the stage with her family.

Did one tender moment in the Carter family possibly upstage every other performance of the night? Hey, they can't help it if they're flawless. Divorce seems a far cry from what we just saw. That was downright religious. Life will never be the same.