Jay Pharoah Does A Better Jay-Z And Kanye Than Jay-Z And Kanye

Did you catch all of Jay's impressions?

"Saturday Night Live" star Jay Pharoah was on a roll during the 2014 Video Music Awards on August 24. No one was safe from his spot-on impressions, but in case you were too busy laughing, here are the big ones you missed:


Pharoah's biggest impression of the night was, of course, of that other Jay.

"Stop it," he said "to Blue Ivy" to monstrous applause. "Get the rollie our your mouth. You'll chip a tooth (ha ha ha). Daddy loves you!"


Of course, since Pharoah had also took on Drake on "SNL," it was only natural that he would show the audience a glimpse of his Drizzy during the show.

"He was just sitting there like a creepy guidance counselor the whole time!" Pharoah joked of the "Anaconda" video before making a "Drake face."

Kanye West

Last but not least, there was the most expected -- but also the most nerve-wracking -- impression of the night. Pharoah took on his famouse "Waking Up With Kimye" Kanye West impression... while Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West were right there!

"They asked me to come here and tell y'all about the artist to watch," Pharoah said. "But there's only one artist to watch -- me! I created television. Can't nobody else do that! I didn't even get an award, even though everything I do is genius. My videos cure ALS, y'all."