Kesha Previews Her VMA Hair While Topless And Singing Britney Spears

Kesha’s very apparent transition into an actual IRL unicorn has been well-documented 'round these parts.

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After giving literally every candy color in existence a whirl, she went and got herself a rainbow-hued ’do last week. (Because what else are you going to do after having gone from pink to purple to blue to aqua to green to yellow in the span of a month?)

We're very happy to officially report that she's keeping the majestic multicolored strands around for the 2014 Video Music Awards, a fact we know because she ’grammed a picture in which she's only wearing, well, hair dye? In other words, she is wearing nothing.

See? Yeah. Nada.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the kind of person you are!), she likely will be wearing something that's not a birthday suit at tonight's show, since she's been gifting us with snapshots from her fitting all day long, and because she just uploaded a video captioned "pre-gaming" that shows a super gorgeous sparkly beaded number that may or may not be the very outfit she's wearing.

One thing we do know? Homegirl pre-games to Britney Spears, so we trust her fully.