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These Ferguson Protesters Want You To Know Why They Took To The Streets

Protesters at the site of Michael Brown's shooting explain why they're staying put.

Michael Brown's shooting on August 9 in Ferguson, St. Louis set off a series of protests across Missouri, with hundreds of youth and adults pouring out every day and night to express their outrage. Although the rallies have spread far and wide, we asked people on the streets of Ferguson to tell us why they kept hitting the streets in protest. Here’s what they had to say:

Justin, 24, from St. Louis City, MO.

Micah, 37, from Montgomery City, MO.

Trey, 23, from Hillsdale, MO.

Justin, 27, from Montgomery City, MO.

Marcus, 21, from Wellston, MO.

Alison, 23, from St. Louis City, MO.

Dan, 21, from Bowling Green, OH.

Kelsie, 25, from Offalon, MO.

Sean, 24, from St. Louis City, MO.

Fariha and Fahdmah, from St. Louis.

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Chances are you want to learn more, or take action on what is happening in Ferguson, so we’ve put together some ideas for you:

+ What is happening in Ferguson has drummed up a lot of talk about racial bias. If you have an idea for a digital tool that would help you and your friends have productive conversations about bias, you should take part in Look Different’s Challenge. There’s $10k prize at stake.

+ Get educated and check out Look Different’s Implicit Bias Quiz. It’s important to know exactly why we are talking about Ferguson, and that might mean examining our own hidden biases.

+ Take the conversation offline. Talk with your friends about their feelings about what is happening in Ferguson, and the shooting of Mike Brown. Use this as an opportunity to connect and learn from each other.