Iggy Azalea

Rita And Iggy Get Ready For VMAs With Pizza And New Jackets

They're gonna love the VMAs, until they love them even more.

We can't wait for Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea to take the stage at the VMAs for what is sure to be a sizzling performance of "Black Widow." And judging by Azalea's Instagram, neither can she... Because she and Rita Ora are clearly having the best time as they make their way to The Forum:

Flexing Out With Their New "Black Widow" Jackets

Which way to the gun show? That way.

Showing Off Said Jackets

They'll be available at an online store soon, according to Azalea.

Proving They're Still From The Block With J-Lo

Not pictured: Charli XCX, who Azalea gives a shout out thanks to.

Recreating An Epic Stage Fall

I'm gonna love ya, until you fall off the stage and thankfully don't hurt yourself.

...And Doing Their Best Grumpy Cat On A Plane, Despite Pizza

Rita. Pizza makes everything better. Don't you know that?