Watch Usher Crash Logan Paul's Meet-Up On A Motorcycle

This Logan Paul meet-and-greet turned out to be much, much more.

When Logan Paul told his Vine fans to meet him on a random corner in Los Angeles, they had no idea this was going to happen:

Yeah, that's USHER, and he rode into the meet-and-greet on a MOTORCYCLE in total Usher fashion. Cue the freaking out. And to make things more spectacular, he and Logan gave away tickets to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. I've never seen so much joy in my life.

Fans showed up on the corner of Van Ness and Lemon Grove on Friday, but they started to suspect something more was up after they were pulled into a room with MTV's Moonman. And when they heard a motor revving in the distance, Logan announced that his friend was going to come visit.

A helmeted man rode in skillfully on his motorcycle -- right into the crowd -- and as he peeled off his gloves and removed his helmet, fans erupted with screams, surrounding the "Good Kisser" singer with hugs and happiness. It only got better when they gave everyone blue Pepsi folders. Some of them had tickets to the VMAs, and some of them didn't.

Usher is performing at the VMAs on Sunday, and he told us earlier that he's going to give us the full "U R experience."

"The VMAs really did give me the opportunity to paint an incredible picture, but it is expansive," Usher said. "It does feel like nothing that I've done before. I need to go out here and give my all and enjoy it."