Watch Nick Offerman Sexually Terrorize A Bunch Of Cowboys In 'The Gunfighter'

'But he did.'

No one knows how to orchestrate "a true ballet of death" quite like Nick Offerman.

The "Parks and Recreation" star lends his indistinguishable voice to director Eric Kissack's "The Gunfighter," an eight-minute comedy competing in TheWrap's 2014 ShortList Film Festival, all about how one little voice can cause a whole lot of trouble. Set in the Wild West, the short begins as the titular gunfighter enters a saloon for a shot of whiskey. But as he approaches the bar, the words of an unseen narrator fill the air, spilling dark secrets about sexual misconduct and controversial desires for all the room to hear.

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Watch and listen as the man commonly known as Ron Swanson sexually frustrates a whole room of cowboys (and one crotchety woman) into horrible violence, in the video below:

Voting for the ShortList Film Festival remains open through August 27.