‘Doctor Who’ Just Crash-Landed The TARDIS In London

Unfortunately, he is NOT there to search for new Companions.

If you’re reading this right now, then you’re probably not one of the lucky Londoners hanging out with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and THE FREAKING TARDIS in Parliament Square today. And if that’s the case — we’re with you, and we’re sorry. We’re so, so sorry.

Anyway, the series 8 premiere of “Doctor Who” — which serves as Capaldi’s first adventure in the big blue box (well, bigger on the inside) — airs on Saturday, so the whole TARDIS crew landed right in front of Big Ben to take some amazing publicity photos and enrich the lives of local Londoners. (Why do British people get all the cool things?!)

Check out the photos below for proof, but be warned — serious FOMO side effects may apply.

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“Doctor Who” airs Saturday, August 23 on BBC America.