Chloe Moretz's Two Most Terrifying Auditions? Martin Scorsese And Michael Bay

'I had to lie to him and tell him I was British,' the 'If I Stay' stat told MTV News.

When it comes to starting out in your career, being unable to cry in front of Michael Bay would very likely not get you a callback, let alone the job. But "If I Stay" star Chloe Moretz managed to overcome all that in order to land her first movie role in "The Amityville Horror."

"I had to like cry over and over again in auditions... Because when you're a little kid that's what it means to be an actor, is being able to cry," Moretz told MTV News. "It was my last audition. Michael Bay was in front of me with all the big guys and I was ready to cry for the 15,000th time, and I keep looking up and looking out and I can't do it."

But that's not all: the exuberant child star-turned-adult actorlady managed, with her pitch-perfect sweetness, to also make lying to directorial King of the Movies, Martin Scorsese, an aww-shucks-y passable offense.

"I had to lie to him and tell him I was British," Moretz explained. "I was like, ahh, 13 years old and was all 'OK I'll try to do this.' "

Can you even believe it? That's like, worse than lying on a math test or copying your best friend's biology homework. OH JEEZ! And apparently the director bought it — how else could she have landed the role in "Hugo," eh? — though who knows how long this whole farce has been kept up. Maybe the director STILL thinks she's British. Oh my goodness Chloe Moretz loves a long-con, doesn't she?

Luckily, the ruse hasn't hurt her career at all, as she's appearing this week in the new movie "If I Stay" - a movie where she doesn't need to pretend to be British, just a very, very good cellist.

"If I Stay" lands in theaters August 22.