The Most Dangerous Selfie Of All Time Will Make Your Jaw Drop

This crazy Australian guy filmed himself chasing a tornado (instead of running AWAY from it). But is the video legit?

Imagine this: You’re cruising solo across the Australian Outback and you spot a huge red desert tornado coming your way. What’s your first instinct? "Flooring it in the other direction" and "screaming" are both acceptable answers. "Taking a selfie with it"?! Not so much.

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A YouTuber named Terry Tufferson uploaded this insane footage of a huge dust devil. “Far out, I’m f--king running into this thing,” he says to the camera, before unbuckling and running out to see the 'nado up close. It's a stressful one minute and 12 seconds, to say the least:

This is one of the most astonishingly stupid decisions we’ve ever seen. (Hasn't this guy heard that selfies can be deadly?) But the video's legitimacy is already being questioned because Terry’s the same dude who uploaded this footage of an encounter with a great white shark in Sydney Harbour just two months ago:

One look at the shark video's comments will show you that most people wrote it off as a fake -- which, by extension, means the tornado one could be suspicious as well. Plus, y'know, his last name is "Tufferson," and he's trying to prove his toughness. What do you think? Are either of these videos real or the work of a digital stuntman? Sound off in the comments below!