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Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato! 22 Times You Inspired Us To Be A Badass

Happy Birthday, Demetria!

Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato! I can't believe how much you've grown. In just 22 years you've been through more ups and downs than a roller coaster at Six Flags. And yet, you've continued to stand tall and fight back, inspiring your dedicated cult of Lovatics all the way.

In honor of your birthday, Demetria, here are 22 times you made us realize our self worth:

1. When you made us feel beautiful

2. When you reminded us we don't have to be perfect

3. When you let us know the past is in the past

4. When you rejected beauty standards

5. When you helped us love ourselves

6. When you redefined 'idol'

7. When you told us to follow our dreams

8. When you gave Barbie the ultimate kiss-off

9. When you showed us you are a warrior

10. When you reminded us to stay strong

11. When you made us stand above our bullies

12. When you took the pressure off of being perfect

13. When you killed them with kindness

14. When you gave us life

15. When you made us love ourselves harder

16. When you held our hands

17. When you made us believe in ourselves

18. When you reminded us, again, how beautiful we are

19. When you made us feel valuable

20. When you helped us see our best features

21. When you told us to keep fighting the good fight

22. And when you saved our lives

Keep on killing it, girl.