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It's Time Lindsay Lohan Got The VMA Recognition She Deserves

Lindsay Lohan does NOT get enough VMA credit, you guys!

We've all watched Lindsay Lohan grow up since her adorable 1998 debut in "The Parent Trap," even if not everything she's done since then has been quite as cute. ("Mean Girls" forgives all, though, so it's cool.) She's changed a ton since her first VMA appearance way back in 2003, and in case you can't remember back that far, we've compiled some of Lindsay's best VMAs moments. Let's start with the oldest, shall we?

2003 VMAs: Ahh, young Lindsay. 2003 was the year "Freaky Friday" hit it big, and Lindsay's career was skyrocketing after the success of her previous Disney movies "Get A Clue" and "Life-Size."


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And check out the back, guys!

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Careful, Lindsay. Your strap is falling.

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She even got a kiss from Jason Biggs.

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2005 VMAS: One year after "Mean Girls," Lindsay was basically a household name. She released her debut album, "Speak," in 2004 and successfully added "singer" to her list of accomplishments.

Lindsay and Nelly presented the award for Best Female and Male Videos. (Lindsay's "Rumors" video was nominated for Best Pop Video but lost out to Kelly Clarkson’s "Since U Been Gone."

She hung out with Ashlee Simpson, because that's what you did.

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She greeted her adoring fans.

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And she threw up a peace sign, because peace signs were cool in 2005.

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2008 VMAS: Okay, so by this point Lindsay had gotten into some hot water starting with her first DUI in 2007 and continuing with drug possession, rehab and various legal issues. But she still accomplished plenty of awesome things this year -- like doing a guest stint on "Ugly Betty" and releasing her own fashion line.

Lindsay and Ciara presented the Best Dancing In a Video Award. (The Pussycat Dolls snagged the Moonman for "When I Grow Up.")

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She made butt zips a thing.

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Just look at that regal gaze!

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2010 VMAS: Lindsay quieted the haters during the 2010 VMAs opening skit. She gave Chelsea Handler -- the year's VMAs host -- some tough talk in preparation for the night's show. Watch the skit for yourself, and watch her nail the whole self-deprecating humor thing.

Lindsay Lohan? We salute you.