Do Aphex Twin's Mysterious Logos Around Town Mean New Music?

Yes, yes they do.

Over the weekend, a blimp was spotted flying over London sporting the Aphex Twin logo, and now the EDM producer/composer's logo has turned up Stateside in New York City.

The blimp very clearly featured the number "2014," and on Monday (August 18), Aphex Twin (a.k.a. Richard James) tweeted -- for the first time in almost exactly two years -- the link to a site that might hold all of the answers. But ... it's only accessible through the browser "Tor."

The site contains a track list and the title for his new LP, SYOR, along with what could very well be the album's art.

It's been 13 years since James released a full EP, so his fans are understandably excited at at the idea he might have something new on the way. In June, when a rare physical copy of Caustic Windows became available, it was auctioned off for a jaw-dropping $45,000, in addition to the digital download purchases that were made possible by a Kickstarter campaign.

In a 2010 interview with ,James said he had plenty of music in single and album form ready to go. It seems the time hasn't been right to release it though.

“I’ve got six [albums] completed. Two are very non-commercial, abstract, modular-synthesis, field recordings -- those I finished four years ago," he said. "Another one is Melodies From Mars, which I redid about three years ago. There’s one of stuff I won’t go into; a comp of old tracks which is never really finished and always changing; and then one I’m working on now. There are also loads of tracks which don’t belong anywhere.”

What do you think of Aphex Twin's new track list?