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Woman Smuggles Cocaine In Her Breast Implants, Gets BUSTed

And we're not talking a little baggie. She stashed almost four pounds—worth $120,000—in there.

You’d think someone who just had breast implant surgery would be kinda proud to show off their new assets, right? Probably...except if they’re hiding $120,000 worth of cocaine in each breast. Then they might be acting a little weird.

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A 43-year-old Venezuelan woman’s nervous behavior was enough to set off warning signs in Madrid airport. Security noticed the woman looking and behaving suspiciously, so they pulled her aside and searched her luggage, which was given the all-clear. But when female officers frisked her, they noticed her breasts felt kinda weird and deformed. That’s when the culprit finally came clean and admitted that she was carrying cocaine in her breast implants. Officers escorted the woman to a hospital, where doctors discovered a whopping 3.7 pounds of coke hidden inside them.

It’s not the first time this kind of thing has happened. In 2012, a Panamanian woman got busted for the same exact thing. Both women were flying to Spain from Bogota, Columbia, which police apparently see as a common route for narcotics to be smuggled into Europe. The more you know.