We Would Gladly Go Back To School With This Beyonce Backpack

If you're headed back to school, Beyonce has you covered—and if you aren't, well, you'll probably wish you were. Our girl Bey simultaneously just took away all of the anxiety (and dreaded crowds) of school-supply shopping season and gave us graduates a reason to be nostalgic about it with the new merch she's selling on her site. Her new gear is also another reminder of something we've known for a while: Beyonce makes any activity better.

Seriously, only Yonce could get us excited about a bunch of pens and notebooks. In the "Back to School Bundle," you'll find a set of 14 pencils named for each song on her self-titled masterpiece. Yes, there's a "Flawless" one and it writes in 24-karat gold. JK, but how can your writing not sound infinitely better when it's being scribbled with a Beyonce pencil? Aside from actually writing with it, you could also flaunt it around the classroom and send subliminal messages à la Cher Horowitz. The bundle also includes two Angel composition notebooks (a perfect title for a makeshift diary), "Flawless" and "Beyonce" pencil cases that could double as sunglass cases, "Mine" and "Beyonce" totes, a Beyonce poster, and a Beyonce T-shirt. The whole thing is priced at $75, which might seem like a lot but, for that amount, you'd be lucky to cop two T-shirts at a concert.

Because Beyonce thinks of everything, she's also selling a new backpack to stash all of your supplies in. The minimal black bag designed in collaboration with State Union is not only right on trend, it's also for a good cause hence the adorable "Bey Good" patch: For every purchase, State will donate a backpack to a U.S. student in an underfunded neighborhood. So the $125 splurge is well worth it.

With these Bey-approved school supplies in tow, you'll undoubtedly be, like, 20 minutes early for your first class. Oh, and if you're anything like us, you'll figure out a way to work these into your work supplies—where there's a will, there's a way, amirite?