Wait... Michael Cera Released An Album Last Night?


Mr. Manager is making the switch to Mr. Musician.

On Tuesday night, "Arrested Development" and "Juno" actor Michael Cera quietly released the 18-track true that. This isn't his first venture into music -- he played with indie group Mister Heavenly a few years back -- but it marks his first solo effort.

And he released it on his bandcamp in an I'll-just-leave-this-here kind of way, with no promotion of any kind. Very Cera-esque, as is the album itself.

Only two songs on the lo-fi project are longer than three minutes (by a few seconds) with a handful coming in under a minute. It's experimental, playful, lax and fun -- exactly what you would expect a Michael Cera album to sound like. A standout is a beautiful cover of Blaze Foley's "Clay Pigeons."

No matter what the critics have to say, Jonah Hill was quick to show his support for his pal on Twitter: