Redferns via Getty Images

This 9-Year-Old's Cover Of 'This Is Hardcore' Is Awesome/Uncomfortable

He's got moves like Jarvis.

If you've ever had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure) of seeing Pulp live, you'll know that Jarvis Cocker's hips are, like, insane. Now imagine those moves as executed by a 9-year-old -- and feel simultaneously awed and uncomfortable.

Graham Johnson was the winner of a Pulp karaoke contest, judged by Cocker himself. The tiny dancer performed the band's racy-as-the-title-suggests 1998 classic, "This Is Hardcore" (sample lyric: "It seems I saw you in some teenage wet dream"). Someone's parents are cool.

You can watch the whole (pretty inspired) performance below. We're not exactly sure how to feel about the whole thing, so we'll leave you with these words from Jarvis himself: "What exactly do you do for an encore? 'Cause this is hardcore."