Dog Gets Elected Mayor Of Minnesota Town

And he's already taking advantage of his grooming perks and free kibble for a year.

Saturday will be the pinnacle of the dog days of summer. That's when Duke, a 7-year-old labrador, will be signed in as Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota.

Duke, a light-haired, fluffy ball of drool and contentment, won over the majority of his 12 constituents, besting Richard Sherbrook, who owns the Cormorant Store. When asked for comment by local ABC affiliate WDAY, the pup turned his head and let his tongue loll out, panting from the heat of the Midwest sun.

Duke, whose salary will be a year's worth of dog food, is currently paving the way for dogs in politics, but isn't the first canine to break the boundary.

Bosco the dog beat out two humans in a 1981 mayoral race in Sunol, California, and served until his death in 1994. Pa Kettle, a bloodhound, received the unofficial title of mayor in Divide, Colorado, with a wolf as his Vice Mayor.