Gunfire Is The Least Of Anyone's Problems During The Rest Of 'Finding Carter''s First Season

There's also some cheating, larceny and blood to add to the drama.

On the most recent "Finding Carter" episode, Carter Stevens made what she assumed was a safe bet by sticking with the Wilsons when she had the chance to run away with the fugitive Lori instead. But soon, she'll learn that there's no such thing as having something all sewn up.

In the show's mid-season trailer below, Lori could prove to be the least of Carter's worries as news of Elizabeth's affair shakes the foundation of the Wilson house. And if that isn't enough, Carter somehow finds herself bloodied, battered and...arrested for larceny? Add a bit of gunfire, a dash of Crash and some steamy romance between Taylor and Max, and we might just have the perfect end-of-summer drama on our hands!

"It never ends!" Carter perfectly observes of the storm building up around her. "The lies!"

Check out the video, make your predictions about what's still to come from Season 1 and keep watching "Finding Carter" Tuesday nights at 10/9c!