With Hubby Javi Away, 'Teen Mom 2''s Kailyn Struggles With Loneliness

The mother of two felt very stressed while her partner was gone for job training.

Kailyn had thought she could hold down the fort when Javi left for his month-long Air Force commitments, but on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2," she struggled without her better half.

"Obviously, I'm a little bit stressed out," she told her friend Peach during a late-night phone call. "And I feel alone. I barely get out of bed in the morning. I don't know -- it's hard."

It's not the first time Kail and Javi have been apart: Previously, they were separated for six months as the latter underwent his job training. But this time is different: Baby Lincoln is on board and the family now lives three hours away from Jo, leaving Kail with nobody nearby to help her.

Without Javi, the mother of two quickly realized that it was tougher than she thought it would be to juggle both children -- and she couldn't help but feel like a single parent all over again.

There was one bright spot: the teen mom finally got some welcome adult company. But when Isaac kept interrupting the conversation, Kail started to cry.

"I'm just getting so frustrated that Isaac's talking over everything I'm trying to talk to you guys about," she said as she tried to discipline her son.

Eventually, Kailyn got a break from her double mommy duties when it was time to take Isaac to Jo's -- but surprisingly, it only made matters worse. The reason: With Isaac gone, she admitted, she would have no one to talk to.

Caring for your kids alone, no matter how long the duration, is a difficult challenge for any parent. So is being without your partner. Kailyn tried to stay as strong as she could, but eventually — and understandably — she couldn't hold in her sadness any longer.

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