Why Do Babies Dig 2 Chainz And Katy Perry So Much?

We asked an expert.

Anything that stops a baby from wailing like the littlest banshee is aces in our book, but with the proliferation of “My Baby Stops Crying When She Hears…” videos popping up on the Web, we got to wondering: Why do some songs sooth the baby beasts — and why do others get them weeping?

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” has done it. So has 2 Chainz’ “I’m Different.” Rod Stewarts’ “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”? Well, that just reduces one baby to a puddle of tears. As they do with fully formed humans, songs have varying effects on those who can’t yet articulate their emotions — which seems like an obvious statement. But how, then, do we translate those reactions?

We hit up Lisa Huisman Koops, associate professor of music education at Case Western Reserve University, for some answers:

Why do some babies stop crying when they hear certain songs?

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