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JWOWW Gets Pacified -- Much To Her Daughter's Bewilderment

Jenni Farley tries out Baby Meilani's binky for a laugh, but the tiny tot is clearly perplexed.

Jenni Farley got goofy in an effort to make her daughter Meilani smile, but her "little angel"'s reaction probably wasn't what she hoped for!

Jenni Farley's Instagram

"Think meilani just said 'f u' for stealing her bink lol," the "Snooki & JWOWW" star captioned the Instagram photo, above, on Tuesday. In the picture, Jenni is holding the one-month old -- and proudly using her pacifier. But Meilani doesn't seem amused, and actually looks a bit perplexed by her fun-loving mama.

Well, if only babies could speak -- and "Look Who's Talking" could really happen -- but alas, we're going to have to settle for JWOWW's humorous take on her daughter's reaction. Maybe tummy tickles are the way to get a big grin, Jenni!