Nicki Minaj’s Style Has Totally Changed Since Her First VMAs

The list of performers at the 2014 Video Music Awards just keeps getting better, eh? Nicki Minaj was just announced as a performer for the show on August 25 and we, of course, immediately thought about her new, low-key approach to fashion and how it stands in stark contrast to her past VMA looks. In the past, Nicki has gone BIG at the VMAs, which means whatever she wears this year will likely be a huge departure from her first appearance in 2010. Let’s kick this thang off.


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At her first VMAs in 2010, Nicki performed at the pre-show in a very colorful outfit. Two-tone metallic for a first-time performer? Yeah, no biggie. Also, that bun. The greatest bun in VMA history? I think so.

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For the red carpet, Nicki wore a fairly understated outfit—she kept the pink wig, but let the bun down. She paired her peach jumpsuit with a necklace that filled the entire area from right below her chin to her chest. It must weigh, like, 15 pounds. It is nothing, though, compared to the one she wore the following year.


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See? You didn’t forget this ~lewk~, did you? We certainly didn’t. The following year, Nicki swapped her solid pink wig for one that included yellow, blonde, and pink. Why have one color when you can have three? It’s almost hard to focus on the wig, though, because of that candy raver outfit. Metal stuffed animals, a face mask, an ice cream necklace, and so much more combine for the full effect.


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The next year, Nicki changed up her hairstyle, but kept the yellow-and-pink color scheme going. She went from wearing layers upon layers to one sheer lace layer in the form of a bodysuit. To top the look off (heh, get it?), Nicki wore a rhinestone-encrusted hat.

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When she took to the stage to perform “Girl on Fire” with Alicia Keys, her Minajesty changed into a romper, complete with a sparkly hood, and, like, a leather harness. Considering this is what she wore the last time she performed at the VMAs, we are eagerly anticipating what she wears this year.


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Will she err on the understated side like she did at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards? Or maybe she’ll break out her favorite pasties? Gah, maybe the “Anaconda” thong will make an appearance? Well, we’ll find out in less than two weeks (!!!) at the 2014 VMAs.

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