Lorde's Makeup-Free Selfie Is An Actual Makeup-Free Selfie: See The Pic

Thanks for being a person, Ella.

Once again, it's time to thank the Lorde -- this time for her honest as @$#?! airport selfie. The pic puts all those other #nomakeup, #iwokeuplikedis snaps to shame. (We're looking at you, duck-lipped, false-lashed Insta-lurkers.)

Lorde posted the below photo to Instagram this past weekend with a caption reading, "Airports got me like." Sure, the 17-year-old singer still looks beautiful and gorgeous and whatever, but she also looks like a person at an airport -- emphasis on "person."

Lorde has always been way into accepting and having pride in her flaws, singing about acne and moon-crater faces on her debut album, Pure Heroine, and deriding any and all Photoshopped snaps of her face.

And to that, we say, "Amen." There are too many "makeup-free" photos of celebrities out there where that aforementioned phrase, in actuality, translates to "no visible makeup."

Thanks, Ella, for being your own -- lovely -- human self.