‘The Best Of Me’ Trailer Is Basically A Magnum Opus Of Nicholas Sparks Hallmarks

Embrace the heart palpitations.

We had our first glimpse at a teaser back in June, and now the full trailer for the next Nicholas Sparks film adaptation is here. Look upon this two-and-a-half-minute peek at ’The Best of Me’ and despair, ye of quelled emotions.

The trailer has all the Sparksian hallmarks we’ve come to expect: an idyllic southern setting, two young lovers from wildly different social classes, a major misunderstanding that separates them, and a surprising reconciliation… usually involving the emergence of a semi-clothed, scruffy, sweaty man from a weathered structure of some sort – hey, we’re not complaining.

In this case, the enduring affections span 20 years’ time, and the lovers are played by Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden. The moonlit dinners, the rain-soaked make-out sessions, the John Legend song (UGH WE WERE ALREADY SWOONING DID THEY HAVE TO PUSH US OVER THE EDGE WITH THE JOHN LEGEND SONG?)

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