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Briana Evigan Says 'Step Up All In' Has Fire Dancing And Ziplines, Which Sounds Amazing

'It's bigger and better than ever,' says Evigan.

Briana Evigan is no stranger to the "Step Up" franchise.

She starred in "Step Up 2 The Streets," even winning an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. And now, she's back in the game with "Step Up All In," which brings back castmembers from past movies for one insane culmination.

"We have fire dancing, that I get to do," Evigan told MTV News. "There's people ziplining in. There's people dancing that come out of the ground through sand."

Basically, it sounds like one gigantic party, and Evigan said "It's bigger and better than ever this time."

But it takes a lot of prep to make a party that good, and in Evigan's case, that meant an absolutely insane workout regimen.

"You're in rehearsals nine to eleven hours a day, say, so you're just working out like crazy," Evigan said. "And I kept up with yoga on the side to not be so sore, cause I was constantly in pain."

Constantly in pain doesn't exactly sound like how we'd want to spend our work day. Luckily, one of Evigan's coworkers was Ryan Guzman, another "Step Up" alum, who made it just a bit easier for her.

"He and I kind of have that brother-sister relationship which is so nice, and so refreshing, cause we've spent so much time together," Evigan said, "and when you're exhausted and tired we were constantly lifting each other up."

We're sure she means that both figuratively and literally (while dancing, of course).

Check out "Step Up All In," in theaters now.