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Oh My Gawd, Look At Ariana Grande's New Puppy!

Meet Fawkes Kitty.

Finally, my daily dose of cuteness has been fulfilled. Ariana Grande adopted a cuddly ball of fuzz named Fawkes Kitty, and she cannot stop positing photos and videos of her. Queue your squees.

The "Bang Bang" singer writes, "Want to introduce y'all to somebody... this is Fawkes! I adopted her while I was in Florida last month. She is an angel!!! and a bad ass bitch haha. she's got the fiercest, sweetest and most daring nature! Constantly play fighting and wrestling with Toulouse even tho she's half his size. She is so brave. I love her."

We love her too, Ari. But, we kind of feel bad for Toulouse, now that he's got this furry little thing nipping at him all day long (ugh, siblings).

Fawkes has already earned her PhD in "Cuteness Overload." Just watch her fetch this ball and stumble around on her stumpy little puppy legs. I don't know what's more adorable: the puppy, or Ariana's squeals of joy.

How on earth does this girl find the time to play with a new puppy while she's preparing to drop a brand new album? Between song teases and puppy videos, Grande is basically owning the Internet this week.