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A$AP Rocky Thinks We Need 'More Madonnas And Rihannas'

We need more 'girls who dominate,' he says.

A$AP Rocky didn't straight up say he's a feminist, but some comments he made lean in that direction.

"We need more Madonnas and Rihannas, girls who dominate more than men," the rapper recently told i-D magazine.

Now, he didn't elaborate more than that (or, at least, nothing he said to elaborate was posted), and didn't name executives or other female leaders, or say that women deserve equal pay in the workplace -- but the general sentiment is what counts here. It's a welcomed idea from a dude whose lyrics aren't always uplifting for women.

And that wasn't the only surprise he delivered. The Harlem native also said that, despite his clear affinity for the world of fashion, he'll never step fully into that industry.

“I wouldn’t design, I would collab," he said. "I’m not a fashion designer. I have too much respect for it. Imagine if Rick Owens or Alexander Wang said, ‘I’m gonna be the next rapper.’ F--king up the game and sh--.”

You can watch the first part of the newly-released Noisey documentary on Rocky, "SVDDENLY" (which features a cameo from Rihanna), below.