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One Direction's Wax Figures Went Shopping

Well, it looks like there's a new reason for us to go hang out with the One Direction wax figures. And no, that reason isn't to take photos and pretend we're friends/dating IRL—that was the old reason. The guys have new outfits and that, my friends, is the perfect excuse to pay them another visit.

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When Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall were first cast in wax in 2013, they all matched in the red-and-blue palette they had worn for their appearance on The Today Show. Back in the day, Louis was partial to colorful pants and Harry always wore a blazer. The band's overall aesthetic has changed dramatically since then and, obviously, their wax figures need to reflect that.

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Enter: band shirts, baseball tees, and printed button-ups. See ya, dressed-up 1D. The guys' new clothes are way more low-key and accurately reflect what they wear on- and off-stage these days. They all have jeans, though they are lacking in hole-y knees. The new looks even feature some recent accessories—I mean, Harry's has a headband.

While their new clothes are way more 2014 than the prior ones, there are still a few deets that need to be changed. Namely, their hair. Louis and Harry need, like, five inches added to their scalps. Maybe they can take some off of Liam's head and divvy it up? IDK how making wax figures works, but I assume it's as easy as snipping and gluing, JK.

So, anyone up for a group trip to London? Let me know! I wanna see Harry's shirt in the flesh wax.

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