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'YESSSSS LORD': The BeyHive Totally Loses It Over Beyonce's Huge VMA News

Check out the most praise-worthy fan reactions on Twitter.

Just in case your current mailing address is 123 Under A Rock Boulevard, Beyoncé is officially performing at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. On top of that, MTV will also honor the "Drunk In Love" singer with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs.

Understandably, the BeyHive just absolutely cannot with this glorious news.

Over on Twitter, Bey's biggest fans are thanking god, preparing their altars, and dropping more "YAAASSSS!" than we even know what to do with. Think you can handle the most epic reaction tweets? Read on.

When news broke that Beyoncé would perform at the VMAs and receive the Video Vanguard Award, the BeyHive could barely contain itself.

But, I mean, obviously! Bey kinda deserves it.

They tweeted their congrats...

Told Beyoncé how proud they are of her...

And pretty much painted with all the Emoji of the wind.

The news was a bit much for certain individuals.

But, don't worry. They found productive ways to cope.

Some members of the BeyHive praised a higher power -- who may or may not also be Beyoncé.

Speaking of higher powers...

Many fans looked beyond the present, to the moment when Bey will inevitably break Twitter from the Forum stage.

Others looked way, way, way into the future. This sounds pretty plausible tbh.

Still others demonstrated an absolute inability to stay on topic.

One thing is clear: Beyoncé's ultimate VMA moment is almost upon us, and none of us are remotely prepared to handle it.

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