Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga Hospitalized For Altitude Sickness

Get well soon, Mother Monster!

Only Lady Gaga could manage to make an oxygen mask look fashionable. The "ARTPOP" singer was apparently afflicted with altitude sickness Wednesday night after her show in Denver, Colorado, sending her to the hospital.

Mother Monster posted a photo of herself sporting the mask -- and a face full of makeup -- to Instagram early this morning with the caption: "Altitude Sickness is no Joke! #hitThatHospitalSh-- #artRaveDenver many true ravers crowd tonight."

According to WebMD, "Altitude sickness occurs when you cannot get enough oxygen from the air at high altitudes. This causes symptoms such as a headache, loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping. It happens most often when people who are not used to high altitudes go quickly from lower altitudes to 8000 ft (2438 m) or higher."

We're hoping that Gaga is recovering from her sudden ascent, and will be ready to continue Art Raving across the country really soon!