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What's Taylor Swift's Big Surprise? Here Are The Craziest Theories

Are we looking a new album soon?

Taylor Swift is up to something sneaky. The "Red" singer had been posting a handful of clues alluding to... what, exactly? The mysterious posts have sent Swifties into a flurry of excitement and confusion, as they attempt to uncover what the singer has up her sleeve.

First, Swift posted an Instagram video of someone (presumably herself) pushing an elevator button for the 18th floor repeatedly.

Then, on Wednesday (August 6), she shared a screenshot of her phone with her kitten, Olivia Benson, sitting in a box with a polaroid camera, while the clock reading 5:00 looms over.

Fan were quick to begin putting the clues together, and some of the theories are quite detailed for only receiving two obscure clues. Swift's just about overdue for her fifth studio album, and that's exactly where most of the speculations lie.

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On Facebook:

Rachel Gentges: There's only one cat, indicating it will be her single on her next album that comes out. She will be shooting it (aka cameras/video tapes) in NYC (look at the card, it has the Statue of Liberty)...New York Times Building! The cat is in a box...AKA a square! The elevator from Monday is the same elevator in the New York Times Building (Google images of the elevator and it's the same thing). The 18th floor is the top floor! That's where she will be performing! New York Times Building is in Times Square...the whole reason for the cat in a square! #nailedit"


Nick Gray: What if she's blows everyone's musical minds and drops her entire album on August 18th @ 5 PM?!?

Crystel Rodríguez: A new song about trying so hard to go to 18th floor on an elevator cause at 5pm your cat has a photo shoot.

Annie Ong: August 18th you're going to take picture with the cat and make an album with the cat.

On Twitter:


@BackToPluto: @taylorswift13 you must take EVERYTHING into account when it comes to Taylor Swift clues..... every little thing…

@swiftiecutie: In the first clue, she pressed the elevator button 6 times (6) Then she had a pic of 5:00 (5) IT'S A COUNTDOWN.

On Instagram:

ralphabeto: I think you're spelling out the word ROSE. Nice one. Can't wait @taylorswift

caityosean: Maybe the clue is.. She mashed the button once, takes a pause and mashes it 5 more times after that. So maybe January bc it's the first month and the 5th day? Or 18+5 = 23 so maybe January 5th or 23rd??

sheaa116: You pressed the 18 floor button, and in Morse code that's t5. Taylors 5 album with eighteen tracks. And Taylor has been posting a lot of Polaroid pictures, and there is a camera in the pic. Maybe the album name has to do with a camera. Or maybe the first single.

the.cutie.cats: MTV music awards are on August 24th. 18 + 6 = 24. They'll be on TV 8:00 eastern time, which is 5:00 pm LA time, where the MTV awards will be hosted. Could she be opening for the MTV awards? Could she release the first single durin the MTV awards?