For Miley Cyrus, Tattoos Are Like Potato Chips -- You Can't Have Just One

Some addictions are more needle-y than others.

If you've ever felt the sweet sting of the tattoo needle on your oh-so fragile flesh, you'll know that getting tats is addictive. Way addictive. That explains why when Miley Cyrus called up celebrity tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy to get one tat -- she ended up with two.

As we saw on Instagram Tuesday, Miley got inked up with not only the words "Love Yer Brain" (an homage to a track by pals The Flaming Lips), but also a crescent moon -- a matching image she also tatted on Bang Bang.

"We actually got matching tattoos because she had originally wanted to get a couple different tattoos and was playing with a couple of different ideas and she had her mind set on getting 'love yer brain,'" Bang (squared) told MTV News. "Before I started I told her, 'Are you sure this is all you want? ... As soon as we're done you're going to want more.'"

Cyrus suggested getting a moon and McCurdy leapt at the chance to get matching ink. "We got matching moon tats because we're moon kids," he said. "I mean [the meaning is] deeper than I can go into for me, but essentially it's just being open-minded and free-spirited and, for me, coming to my own conclusions."

Cyrus has previously only given friends stick and poke tattoos (which Bang Bang doesn't suggest, by the way), but the practiced artist said she did a great job on his tat. "I would hire her in a heartbeat," he said.

This was the first tattoo Bang Bang has done for Miley -- he's previously tatted Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and more -- but he came highly suggested by mutual friend Cara Delevingne.

Cyrus also serenaded Bang Bang before getting inked -- an occurrence that happens to the artist often when working with musicians. "Every time I tattoo a singer it seems that they sing," he said. "When I tattoo them I notice that they're singing."

Miley's song of choice? The Flaming Lips' "Love Yer Brain," of course.

"The story that she had told me -- and I don't want to get it wrong or misquote -- but essentially she told me a long story about how it's just somebody giving advice, 'Do whatever you want to do, just love your brain,'" McCurdy said of why Miley chose that song. "'Take care of yourself. Treat yourself good.'"

And, dare we suggest, cover yourself in awesome tattoos?