Littlefinger Is For Lovers In This 'Game Of Thrones' Romantic Comedy Parody

Love comes in little-fingered packages.

"My name is Petyr Baelish, and I have lots of love to give."

Indeed, Littlefinger has much more in common with Quiz Kid Donnie Smith than one might think on the surface. Both are jaded lovers who feel ridiculed by the world, and need to take drastic action in order to get what they feel they deserve.

But where "Game of Thrones" makes Littlefinger look like a murderous master of chaos, the trailer for YouTube user Ozzy Man's "Littlefinger" paints Lord Baelish as a more romantic hero, with a slice of underdog comedy for good measure. It's a … different take on the guy who views chaos as a ladder (and moon doors as murder weapons), but in this case, different is good — and very funny.

Hat tip to Admiral Riken for sending this little-fingered gem along.