Watch Tyga's Mom Read The Lyrics To 'Rack City'

Tyga's mom does 'Words From Your Mother' segment.

If you've ever wondered what your favorite rap song would sound like if it was read by their mothers, wonder no more.

In a special segment called “Words From Your Mother” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tyga’s mother read the lyrics from “Rack City” live on television, and it was as funny as you’d imagine.

“Hi, I’m Tyga’s mom and this is my son’s song, ‘Rack City’,” she said.

Dressed in a yellow Versace shirt and black skirt in front of a green screen showing footage from the song's music video, Momma Tyga recited the words, including those that required censorship.

“Woo, that’s my Booki, I love him,” she said when she was finished, shaking her head.