Now That Lori's Got A Plan In Motion, Should 'Carter' Stay Or Should She Go?

It's what the teen has wanted all along, but she seems to suddenly have doubts.

Carter Stevens has been dreaming of the chance to reunite with Lori, the woman she considers to be her mother. But now that the opportunity has come months after Carter moved in with her biological family, The Wilsons, is she ready to take the leap?

On tonight's "Finding Carter" episode, Max, who's been proudly serving as manager at the local gas station, was uncomfortably greeted once again by the perpetually baseball-capped Lori. Carter's abductor pleaded with Max to contact Carter and get her to the station, and though it took dozens of text messages to pry Carter away from her new crush Crash, the teen finally made the trip.

At first glance, Carter was thrilled to see Lori and quickly wrapped her arms around the woman. But soon, after Lori explained her plan to steal Carter away, Carter's mood changed. Lori's proposal for a getaway involved a burner phone, the stealing of the Wilson family car and even Russian passports, and Carter, who was so stunned by the sordidness of the scheme that she forgot her part in the duo's typical "love you"/"love you more" exchange, looked like she'd been hit by any one of the vehicles that was refueling at the pumps. It wasn't so long ago that Carter would have done just about anything to reclaim her old life, but the prospect of new, falsified identities and a long road of law-breaking suddenly made things real -- and terrifying.

With the complexity of Lori's strategy considered and the fact that Carter is finally beginning to bond with her biological mother Elizabeth, should Carter keep things as they are, and accept her new life to spare herself more trouble down the road? Or is her life with Lori -- one she's been desperately trying to revive -- worth the risk it'll take to escape the Wilson household?

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