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Kim Kardashian Or Jimmy Kimmel: Who's Better At Diaper Changing?

Front to back, Jimmy, front to back!!

We already know that Kim Kardashian loves changing diapers. (Yeah, right). But does Jimmy Kimmel share that love? The new dad of one-month-old Jane put his skills to the test on Monday night when he faced off against Kim in a diaper-changing contest.

Kardashian said that 13-month-old recording studio veteran North has started to get more squirmy lately and "does not want ot sit to get her diaper changed." Kimmel explained the rules of the game, which required each to snap off the onesie, toss the diaper, wipe the baby's bottom and get a new diaper in place before moving on to the next baby. The prize? An Oscar statue wearing a diaper.

Who won? Check it out.