Charli XCX Continues Her Pop Princess Rule By Covering 'I Want Candy'

Can she cover 'Lollipop' next?

If you're not paying attention to Charli XCX, you are messing up in a major way.

Charli is the kind of pop princess that we deserve: a chill, confident girl who is completely herself even when she's singing on the #1 song in the country or earning FIVE—count 'em, five—VMA nominations.

I can't wait to see how she makes out at the VMAs, but for today, here she is covering The Strangelove's 1965 classic "I Want Candy." Most of us are more familiar with the 1982 cover done by Bow Wow Wow, and Charli does her cover in that style, but with a little more grunge thrown in.

On a retro stage with plenty of neon lights, a sheer red slip and cat-eye sunglasses, Charli updates the song while keeping its blistering pace and desire intact. Watch her perform it below for Transmitter TV.