Why Is Selena Gomez Thanking God For Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield?

Selena Gomez brings awareness to some good causes, all while being adorable.

Selena Gomez was feeling a bit inspired by some fellow celebrities over the weekend.

On Sunday, Selena took a page out of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's handbook and brought attention to some important causes.

Standing with three friends, Selena shows off her body in an adorable pink bathing suit, but covers her face with a sign encouraging her millions of fans to go to UNICEF.org, the organization in which she is a global ambassador. The pop star captioned the photo, “Thank God for Emma and Andrew. What are you up to on your Sunday folks?”

Her friends each have other charities and organizations that they are endorsing, taking the attention off the celebrity and on to causes that will help change people's lives.

You may remember, Andrew and Emma were spotted walking the streets of New York in June, when they were met with paparazzi, they both covered their faces with hand-written signs saying, "We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do."

Selena has been pretty active on Instagram as of late, giving us a throwback of a vocal warm-up of "Who Says" and some fabulous red carpet moments, but we also couldn't help but notice that Selena has started following some of her famous friends on the social media site once again.

Back in April the singer stopped following everyone on Instagram, but now she has upped her count to 18. So who was lucky enough to be back on Selena's feed? Bestie Taylor Swift, model and new BFF Cara Delevingne and Tommy Chiabra, the Italian businessman that she spent her 22nd birthday with.