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Iggy Azalea Fans Will Gobble Up This 'Black Widow' Video Tease

Better watch your back.

Iggy Azalea has new teaser for her "Black Widow" video with Rita Ora, and it has me in a dark mood. And it's making me hungry. So I guess I can't really make up my mind about it.

The photo that Iggy-Iggs Instagrammed on Monday (August 4) most likely sets the scene for the video: Big Wanda's Killer Burgers. I want a taste, but I also want to run away.

From what we've seen on Iggy's Instagram, the video will be more of a modern, kitschy, Samurai, feisty battle theme -- after all, the song is named after the spider that eats its own mate.

"She's got me in bootcamp," Ora said when she and Iggy stopped by for "Live from MTV." "She's literally got me in bootcamp... If we're doing a video together, I've got to get into training."

"She could be doing stripper pole training," Iggy said, slyly. Fortunately, I'm thinking it's a lot more frightening than that.

The "Black Widow" video is coming "#SoonerThanYouThink," says Queen Azalea.