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Joey Bada$$ Shows Off His Acting Skills In 'No Regrets' Short Film

Time travel.

I think we can all agree time travel would be pretty cool. And in the new short film "No Regrets," premiered by Complex, Joey Bada$$ gets to experience just that.

The Rik Cordero-directed clip introduces us to a grown Joey -- from 2062, with a bald head, goatee, and fancy suit. That man then heads back in time to 2012 to watch his younger self come of age: sweeping floors, playing empty shows, meeting a girl he falls in love with.

After that meeting, we get glimpses of the next few decades of the Brooklyn native's life, from the birth of his child to that child's graduation to the death of his wife. Nowhere do we see his musical pursuits, and the piece seems to suggest he chose love over a rap career.

But that's not the path that he chose in this world, as his debut album, B4DA$$, is due later this year. No regrets? Only time will tell.