Meet Eminem's 16 Biggest Stans At Lollapalooza

Only the front row will do for these superfans.

Chicago, IL -- There are nearly 50 bands you could see on the first day of Lollapalooza. But if you're a Stan, there was only one place you had to be when the gates opened at noon on Friday (August 1): right up front.

You can have your Lorde, Iggy Azalea, Zedd, Chvches or Cash Cash. But if you came to see Slim Shady the only thing you had on your mind was running to the South end of the park and posting up against the gates and waiting patiently for 7 hours for Marshall to make his triumphant Lolla return.

And so, we give you the 16 biggest Stans who did just that:

Three Times Dope

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

[From left] Demonte Denson, 19, Peter Waitkus, 17 and Angel Vargas, 21 were all psyched to see Eminem for the first time. "When I was in the 5th grade I sent like 14 letters to [Eminem] addresses I found on the Internet," said Waitkus. "I spent like $500 to see this show."

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Down Front

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

[From left] Marina Solman and cousins Reem and Aussie Sweis got right up on the barricade as soon as the door opened. "I came here for Eminem... I don't give a s--t about the rest of it," said Aussie.

Childhood Dream

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

Sam Moldonado, 17, has been listening to Em his whole life and with his sweet spot about 20 yards from stage, he wasn't planning on moving an inch until 8:30.

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Repeat Offender

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

Unlike most first-timers, Seth Hawkins, 23, caught Slim's 2011 Lolla set and he had a plan for keeping his dope spot all day. "I sent people up to the [front] rail first thing and we're taking shifts," he said.

The Art Of The Matter

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

Most of the rail riders were content to just sit and bake in the sun all day, but Jesse Sanchez, 19, brought along an art project. "It's gonna be all different [symbols] about Eminem," he said, pointing to the R for Relapse, the A for Aftermath, P for Proof, G for G-Unit, plus sign for Recovery and D for Detroit.

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Hoping For A Dre Day

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

You, literally, could not get any closer to the stage than 19-year-old Chicago native Sarah Thompson. Just like in 2011, Thompson was right up in it, which makes sense because Eminem, "is all I listen to." What was she hoping for? "If Dr. Dre came out? That would be awesome."

What About 50?

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

Kantrell Boyson, 21, from Wisconsin, just hoped Em would "get the party going." And, if he's being honest, he hoped that 50 came out for "Crack a Bottle."

Don't Cry Now

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

One reason to scout out a spot up front almost 8 hours in advance is because "it gets crazy up here," said Stephanie Pulido, 27. "[But] I'm not afraid... though I might cry [when he comes out]."

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Shady 101

MTV News

Qiming Li and An Li are students from Beijing who are in school in Chicago and both were pumped for their first chance at seeing Marshall live.

All Shady, All Day

MTV News/Gil Kaufman

Kate Klatt, 20 and her pal McKenzie Mucintoire, 16, drove down six hours from Minocqua, Wisconsin, just for the day. What did they listen to in the car the whole way? "Just Eminem," said Klatt. "I'm staying here all day because he's awesome and I want to marry him!"