Counting Crows' Adam Duritz Is 50 And On The Cover Of AARP Magazine

...because we're inching closer to death everyday. (Too dark?)

Want to feel really, really old? Or at least give yourself a reason to dust off the CD player and throw a lil "August And Everything After" on for old time's sake? Well, this should do it: Adam Duritz, the OG of white-dude dreads and lead singer of the Counting Crows and soundtrack to all of your '90s nostalgia, has turned 50. Fifty. Five-Oh, you guys. Do you feel 1,000 yet?

This revelation about our own mortality came at the hand of AARP, who created a mock-up of their magazine cover with Duritz's face on it, very likely sending your dad into a tailspin of melancholy.

Now, we realize some of you kids out there might not remember this band because, well, they did not soundtrack your high school and/or college career. This is very strange, especially when one considers that Birkenstocks are apparently back in vogue. The two go together like organic peanut butter and small-batch jelly. But, hey! Times, they are a-changing.

But if everything old is new again, then it is very likely that Counting Crows (I can't believe I'm about to type this sheesh) are just the sort of vintage tunes that'll make all your ironic '90s-themed college parties feel pretty legitimate. So we've thrown a few videos down below to get you acquainted.

Like "Mr. Jones," the band's most popular song about Duritz's penis (really):

...Or "Round Here":

And everyone's favorite downer tunes, (man they were good at those), "A Long December":

And "Colorblind," which some of you out there might know from "Cruel Intentions":

So happy birthday, Adam Duritz. Hope your ex-girlfriends Courtney Cox and Emmy Rossum send you something real nice.