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Ben Affleck Looks Crazy Guilty In Creepy New 'Gone Girl' Posters

What have you done now, Batfleck?

There are plenty of movies we're really, really looking forward to seeing over the next few months, but David Fincher's "Gone Girl" has officially piqued our interest like no other. Weeks after debuting a crazy trailer, 20th Century Fox debuted two new posters on August 1 (exclusive to ShortList.com and Buzzfeed) that officially make Ben Affleck look like a total creep.

In the first one, Affleck's Nick seems distracted as he stares out over the waterfront, with a news crawl bar letting us know that the search for his wife "Amazing Amy" is what's causing Batfleck's distress. Meanwhile, Rosamund Pike's eyes look on all "Gatsby" style:

20th Century Fox/Buzzfeed

The second poster is similar, but features Affleck staring right at us -- at you, actually, at your innocent mortal soul -- as he thinks about whatever it is he's done. Which is maybe possibly murder his wife:

20th Century Fox/ShortList

"Gone Girl" hits theaters on October 3.