Ariana Grande Reveals What Happened With That Justin Bieber Duet

'I had to focus on my stuff and he was focusing on his, and it just sort of didn't really get done,' Ariana told the AP.

Remember in May when Justin Bieber totally blew our minds and posted a picture of himself and Ariana Grande in the studio and we all thought they were doing a duet together?

Yeah, we remember it too. We are also well aware that we still haven't heard anything from the two. But, as it turns out, there's a pretty good reason for the delay: the track was never completed.

"We were working on it. We were in the studio together ... we were going to do it, but then we both got busy," Ariana said in an interview with the AP. "I had to focus on my stuff and he was focusing on his, and it just sort of didn't really get done."

But don't worry Belibers and Arianators, because Ariana promises that the duet between the pop stars will happen..."one day."

"We feel like we owe it to our fans to do something one day. We will finish it and put it out one day, but it just wasn't the right time."

Right now the upcoming Video Music Award performer and three-time nominee is concentrating on her own music. The singer has had quite a summer so far with her single "Break Free," and the inescapable smash, "Problem," which Ariana said almost didn't make the cut on her upcoming album My Everything because she was "scared" of the track.

"Once we wrote it and recorded it, I was like, 'Hmm, I'm kind of scared of this.' It started to intimidate me a little because it felt different for me and it was such a risk with the whispers," she said. "It took me a lot of time. I had to separate myself from it for a while. For a couple months I didn't even listen to it."

She continued, "I heard it again when it was finally mixed and done and I was like, 'Oh, wow. Hmm, maybe I am completely wrong. I was like, 'Damn, maybe I should have taken the time to really appreciate it' and now I finally hear it."