Liam Matthews

This Boy Dressed Up Like Miley, Bey And Katy Perry … And Melted Our Brains

Just swimming in mind goo.

Halloween may still be months away, but we're already getting some serious costume ideas from teen Instagram user Liam Matthews, who apparently spends his time dressing up as different female celebrities and sharing those photos with his 1.5 million followers.

According to Paste, Matthews does the whole thing on a less-than shoestring budget, but still manages to create costumes that would make Lady Gaga pant with jealousy (incidentally, he's posed as her more than a few times). Oh! And he met Ed Sheeran -- dressed as Ed Sheeran.

Check out some of Matthews' most inspiring creations below:

Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus

Effie Trinket

Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj

Ariana Grande

Katy Perry

Jennifer Lawrence

Lana Del Rey


Lady Gaga

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