The Hot Letters Of Warren G. Harding Are Even Hotter When Warren G Reads Them Aloud

Warren G's presidential namesake could consume some skirts with the best of them.

Warren G. Harding is widely considered one of the most ineffective presidents in American history - but man, could that guy ever write a racy love letter.

Earlier this week, the Library of Congress published reams of the 29th President's personal correspondence on its website, including missives written to his longtime mistress in which he raves endlessly and poetically about his most favoritest of her body parts.

However, the collection also includes a lot of dry and long-winded diatribes about Germany, etc., so if you don't want to spend all day combing through it to find the hot stuff, Jimmy Kimmel has got you covered: he tapped the silver-tongued Warren G to give a dramatic reading of his presidential namesake's best breast-obsessed prose.

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