Yes, Corey Stoll Will Be Donning Spandex For 'Ant-Man'

What's black and yellow and joining the superhero game?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

After letting the world know that he would be shrinking down to fit into his sure-to-be black and yellow spandex to tackle a superbug — but that's Yellowjacket to all of you — Corey Stoll was positively giddy at his chance to join the biggest cinematic racket in town and confirm his role in the upcoming, Paul Rudd-fronted "Ant Man."

"It's so cool," Stoll said. "There's definitely a moment when we're in the green room looking around at all the actors in the Marvel Universe ... you'd think you were backstage at the Oscars."

If anything, Comic-Con is essentially that — just minus all the awards and plus a heck of a lot of cosplay — and this year's event in San Diego has proven itself to be a veritable smorgasbord of celebrity encounters, stories, and news bits. Like everyone's favorite bald person, Stoll, who chatted up MTV in the press line after his Hall H appearance.

Naturally we were particularly curious as to what Stoll might be donning when it's his turn to become super and, well, we're fairly certain that the whole thing is going to be equal parts hilarious and epic, as any good superhero film about becoming very, very small should be.