Get A Sweater, Skirt, And Shirt From Last Night's 'Teen Wolf' For Under $50

Teen Wolf is getting so heavy these days. There's that whole hit list thing, the mysterious Berserkers, and just, like, an overwhelming feeling of doom. Gahhh.

On the bright side, you can buy three pieces from last night's episode for under $50. Combined!


Here it is, y'all: Malia's $7 H&M sweater. Yeah, that's not a typo—it's on sale for under $10. While Malia paired hers with ripped jeans and boots, you can wear the loose-knit sweater any way your heart desires. It's perfect for hunting down your missing friend, picnics, and more.

MTV/Urban Outfitters

Lydia was, as usual, in a floral-print skirt, which is on sale at Urban Outfitters for just $29. Lydia also wore boots with the skirt, though you can definitely wear sneakers with it while you crack a secret hit list... or go to a BBQ.


We're not done, yet! Stiles also wore a shirt that you can cop for yourself right now. Oh, BTW, it's $11. The plaid flannel is quintessential Stiles and can be worn over T-shirts or on its own as you do police work behind your father's back or, like, watch a baseball game. Your options are endless.

Watch Malia, Lydia, Stiles, and their clothes in action, below!