The 17 Boyfriends Your Fave Cartoons Would Grow Up To Be

If you've never been attracted to a cartoon character, you're lying.

We've all had crushes -- on celebs, on fictional characters -- that, no matter how much we daydream about them, will never return our feels in real life. It's only natural to start crushin' on a cartoon as well.

But what would it be like to actually date a cartoon in real life? Here's what type of boyfriend your favorite cartoon would be:

1. Danny Phantom, the one who gets away with everything because he's just so darn cute

With Danny, you don't even need to chose between blue or green eyes because YOU GET BOTH. He just whips out those puppy eyes and you're putty in his hands. Sucker.

2. Doug Funnie, the artsy shy guy who calls you his muse

You've always wanted someone to draw pics of you, so being his Quailwoman is pretty cool.

3. Li Shang, the boy who is strong enough to move all your crap into your new apartment

He easily hoists your mattress up five flights of stairs while you carry your pillow. At that moment, he is the single most important person in your entire life.

4. Aladdin, the Tinder Boy who catfishes you by lying about his identity

A few Photoshopped pics is all he needs to turn himself into a prince. Everything about him sounds so perfect, it's definitely too good to be true.

5. Ron Stoppable, your best-friend-turned-boyfriend

No, you didn't "friend zone" him, because "friend zone" is a dumb term. He didn't necessarily crush on you the whole time you were friends, either. You simply grew together in a way neither of you initially expected or planned for.

6. Otto Rocket, the surfer dude you had a summer fling with

Ugh. He had a six-pack but all he talked about was how "extreme" he was.

7. Chuckie Finster, the homebody

He's nice to binge-watch Netflix with -- he'll NEVER betray you by watching the next "House Of Cards" episode without you -- but he's not so great with crowds. This isn't a bad thing, of course. You didn't really want to party with 100-plus people in a cramped apartment anyway.

8. Trent Lane, the bad boy you admired from afar

He wore really tight pants and you would never admit this to anyone publicly, but that kind of turns you on.

9. Simba, the adventure-seeker who travels the world with you

He makes you feel alive in the form of janky bus rides to cascading waterfalls in exotic locales. Keeping up with him is SO exciting and SO exhausting.

10. Dexter, the nerd who will one day become a billionaire

You probably won't still be dating him when he hits it big, but you're there to support him every time he fails -- which is A LOT -- on his way to the top. (And he supports you back. Duh.)

11. Eric, the boyfriend you literally don't need to say a word to

Whatever you're feeling, he just gets it. No words necessary.

12. Squidward, the undiscovered musician

Whenever he messes up, he makes it up to you with a cliché "Wonderwall" serenade. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's just annoying.

13. Jerry, the class clown who is funny for like five minutes

A girl can only take so many fart jokes.

14. Johnny Bravo, the hotshot who thinks he's the sexiest man alive

He loves himself more than Kanye loves Kanye. He spends 80% of his time at the gym and the other 20% coiffing his hair.

15. Jack Skellington, the boyfriend who will dress up in corny couple costumes on Halloween

He even helps you brainstorm costume ideas.

16. Timmy Turner, a manchild whose head is in the clouds

He's all over the place. Everything is a conspiracy theory for him -- the moon landing, Illuminati, the list goes on. He even believes that fairies exist. Enough said.

17. Arnold, the guy your parents absolutely love

He's friendly, he's polite, he's down-to-earth. You might even end up marrying him someday, if it were up to your 'rents.

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